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How to Overcome Emotional Overload When You’re Highly Empathetic

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Being very sensitive I often absorb others' energy (and this has lead to allergic reactions, which as I blogged about, is literally speaking a "reaction to other energy"). I have definitely found that being conscious about my reactions, being continually observant (which is, itself, a challenge!) definitely helps.

I have written a lot about managing emotions over the years. Here is a quote that chimes with our MasterHearting philosophy, from an easy-to-read but very powerful and helpful guide by an author on Tiny Buddha, a great resource for personal stories of overcoming challenges.

The key to staying balanced for me is to continuously stay connected to my heart—my deeper, spiritual self—and when I stray from there by getting caught up in the voices in my head or the drama unfolding around me, to know the short-cut back to center.

Rena Greenberg

I call that digression falling out of alignment and recognising these feelings helps us return to an alignment with our true nature and enjoy freedom, peace and harmony.

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