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[Sticky] Welcome to the MasterHearting Club Forums!

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Hi! I'm Arthur, founder of the MasterHearting Club. I have set up a number of forums from the beginning to allow us to easily find discussions relevant to our current challenge or issue. This will, of course evolve, like the club itself. To this end, I have set up a News, Announcements and Suggestions forum as an additional tool to our email list and with the purpose of collecting ideas from you for developing the club.

I know if you have joined the site you will already have a supportive mindset, so I won't give the usual instructions about how to behave. If you do, however, find a post which is not in the spirit of this club: love, support and connection, please let me know.

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Hi everyone.

Few days ago, I watched in TV an episode of a tv program which is " L'ofici de viure" it was talking about heart intelligence, they argue that the heart is the third brain and a lot of other arguments which link with Masterhearting.

I want to share with you this video, I think is so developer.


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