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S Day

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S Day


Life offers colour, diversity and emotional engagement. I work with children and young adults to embrace new challenges and opportunities within a framework of values. I believe it takes collaboration, teamwork, trust and visible thinking to navigate the paths that lie ahead of us. We learn from the past but we explore the future and its uncertainties. My job as a teacher/mentor is one that facilitates this process and hopefully builds meaningful connections for students and other educators. Education is my passion – and I am drawn to this group because I seek comfort in the hope that by valuing “wholeness” we truly value an individual and the contribution they make. Creativity and problem solving are key values I develop in my students because without them, we cannot embrace change and challenges.

What I am looking for from Masterhearting

To learn from others and their experiences and to apply these codes to my practice as an educator. To also connect with like minded practitioners who share similar beliefs.