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Allergies: what are you resisting?

At this time of year, pollen is a big problem for people. But have you thought that all allergies are actually a sign of resistance?

I never had hay fever, but seven years ago, when I moved into my current home, which has a number of olive trees, I started having allergic reactions, though it took me a couple of years to realise what it was. It got worse and worse, with itchy eyes, sore throat and constant itching and runny nose.

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed a reduction in the symptoms and have had to take less medication. I attributed some of this to the diet I follow (well, it’s more like a lifestyle as I am not completely strict with it).

But it also coincides with an intensification of my personal growth efforts. I have been increasingly aware of the energetic and spiritual causes of health problems, and using techniques such as Qi Gong and meditation to increase my physical and mental wellbeing.

Recently I have been studying Jeddi Mali’s amazing Changing the Paradigm course*. One of the best things about it, at least the first part I am currently working on, is that it helps you become conscious of when you are out of alignment with your true self (something I have written a lot about recently).

Basically, thoughts that are out of alignment make you feel contracted, so you know that if you feel a tightening, a resistance, you know you are moving out of alignment. Since thoughts become things, we manifest a contracted, limited experience in life. By becoming aware of the effect of these thoughts (like angry reactions to the actions of others), we can change our thoughts and so the energy they create, and realign ourselves with more expansive thoughts, from a position of love (our true selves).

A pillar of the MasterHearting Club, of course is learning to open our heart portal and connect with our true selves, using our heart to guide our thoughts, behaviours and actions.

This morning I have done a powerful meditation which has helped me work on my own resistance. And with it I have experienced an immediate reduction in my symptoms. I am still learning to trust my ability and my connection to my true self, but if I can maintain continuous conscious awareness of this connection and thus not allow resistance to creep back in, I know the symptoms will also stay away.

* Jeddah Mali’s incredible Changing the Paradigm programme, from my favourite personal growth company, Learning Strategies. Disclosure: this is an affiliate link, so I will receive a small commission if you buy; I only ever recommend resources I know well (or from people I know well), usually products I own, which includes this one, truly an incredible training with amazing self-realising meditations.

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