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Freedom, peace and harmony

Aligning with our true nature and universal energy

image of hands forming a heart shape on a background of pastel colours and white hearts, with the tagline aligning with true nature and universal energy

One of the pillars of the MasterHearting Club is opening the heart portal to connect and align ourselves with our true nature. Our true nature is a unique expression of the universal energy which makes up all things and is therefore inexorably connected with all other expressions of this energy.

In my last post, I talked about how, literally and medically speaking, an allergic reaction is a reaction to energy which is not our own (usually a plant or animal). Energetically speaking, my interpretation is that we are vibrating at different frequencies, which causes discomfort, one of the manifestations of which is an allergic reaction.

Now I know from direct experience that sometimes we have reactions to plants and animals we love. When this happens we have to look beyond our furry friends or favourite flowers to the issue (or person) they represent – often these are chosen for greatest impact, a spiritual wake-up call, if you like. This doesn’t necessarily mean we see this more easily, of course, but if we are spiritually aware we eventually see (through watery eyes!) what lies behind and can work on eliminating the issue by aligning ourselves with our true nature.

This is, I have to say, a work in progress for me and I am documenting my progress through these posts. But having had a few “quick wins”, I reckon I’m onto something.

In fact, the more I study this and explore the issue by going inside, the more I am convinced of the impossibility of undesirable physical reactions to any kind of energy when we are fully aligned with the frequency of the universal energy, which places us in harmony with everything that is, being, as it is, made up of the same energy.

I realise this is a complex concept to get your mind around. This is precisely why I focus on the heart, as one has to feel it, to directly experience it. In fact, even if you could understand intellectually, it would not make a difference until you have experienced it. I know this all too well from my own spiritual journey.

However, to try and make sense of it, think of it this way: this universal energy is constant yet infinitely adaptable (hence no two people, animals or plants – even rocks – being completely identical). When we are out of alignment with this energy, we have these reactions. When we are in alignment with it, we become as infinitely adaptable. If others react to us, it is because they are out of alignment.

So we achieve peace and harmony through alignment with our true selves and universal energy and free ourselves from all limitation, resistance and, of course, these reactions to the energy of others.

Not to say, of course, that we will never experience these reactions. As humans, we are not perfect, so we may not be able to achieve such perfect alignment, much less maintain it constantly. Nor were we meant to – this is the nature of our human experience, in which uncomfortable events and physical and emotional symptoms are gifts letting us know we are out of alignment and guiding us back.

Don’t take my word for it. Explore within and see what resonates with you. In future posts I will give some ideas on how to do this and open yourself up to these kinds of insights and possibilities.

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