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A new era

photograph of dawn, reflected on the sea, representing the dawn of a new era. Photo by Ken Goddard
Photo: Ken Goddard

I have been feeling the dawn of a new age since long before COVID-19. And it is still not quite upon us. Just as the symptoms of a virus are not the cause, the current pandemic is, itself, a symptom of the upheaval caused by the huge but mostly invisible wave of consciousness that has been building for the last few years, indeed decades.

In May, during the first (“virtual”) meeting of the MasterHearting Club, a small group of local friends, one member admitted to feeling a little guilty about the coronavirus, saying it had been a great time to dedicate himself to his invention. I assured him he was not the only one, and that far from feeling guilty, he should feel glad to have been part of the movement of mass consciousness I believe was at least partly responsible for the shutting down of the global economy at the hands of COVID-19.

Clearly we all lament the unnecessary loss of life seen during the pandemic. No-one is saying we should celebrate that. But few could argue that the system of global capitalism was going well for all the citizens of earth. And despite appearances, its vocal advocates like Trump are not the majority.

Speaking of unnecessary loss of life, we now have another symptom – George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others – and a new age response: Black Lives Matter. In the wake of the pandemic, people are risking their lives to bring another element of broken society to the surface and demand its final – peaceful – resolution. Using, of course, light and love to dispel darkness and hate.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.

It became clear to me late last year (2019), in one of a series of new insights, that the reason we are seeing an apparent increase in traumatic events and acts of violence and prejudice is precisely because we are entering a new era.

When something new comes along, there will always be a reaction against it. What I believe we are seeing is, precisely, reactions to what a desperate minority see (rightly) as a mortal blow to their domination.

I saw a wonderful representation of this process of evolution recently, that went something like this (my interpretation): first there was the rule of force, where the strong dominated through violent means; then came the rule of law, in which the strong used “agreed common rules” to dominate; in the new era, the rule of love will ensure that no-one will be able to dominate anyone and laws will be unnecessary, as love will be the motivation behind all actions.

It is a beautiful thought that someday we will not need the rule of law to ensure peace – and that harmony is our natural state. Many will still say this is naive, but I believe there is real evidence in the history of our evolution – from the perspective of consciousness – that humanity will eventually move to a rule of love.

And every stage of our evolution has seen greater and faster change in consciousness. The era of which I speak is, like any historical era, made up of several stages. So when I say we are entering a new era, I do not mean we are already entering a time where the rule of love will soon be the dominant force in the world. Indeed these are still primitive times for human consciousness

Rather, it is like the Hindu eras of Creation, Destruction and Rebirth. We are witnessing the benevolent destruction of the current systems of global power and consciousness. This is necessary to make way for the final rebirth of humanity.

Where I differ (but clearly, I may be wrong!) from the ancient Hindu scriptures is that I believe that the coming rebirth will lead to a sustained state of higher consciousness – at least that we have the potential to sustain it.

The MasterHearting Club was founded in response to the coming of this new era and to enable people to come together and help each other and the whole world adapt to this higher consciousness. To start now to lead from the heart, to organise ourselves using love and trust – in our inner wisdom and in each other (the same thing in non-dual reality) – to guide decisions.

COVID-19 and now the horrific murders of the last few days and weeks have undoubtedly had a major impact on our lives and will continue to do so. The MasterHearting Club is here to help you help yourself and others deal with the new reality and shine our collective light on the world, to spread our love to dispel the last pockets of darkness and hate that have given rise to these incidents, a response to love’s overwhelming power.

So yes, a new era is beginning and we should take comfort – indeed celebrate – the counter-reaction of common people against the last resistance of a dying regime. We will be stronger and happier as we come through this.

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  1. Ken Goddard

    Those who have what they have only because of the status quo will not want to give it up. They will use everything, and everyone, they can to maintain power. Hopefully more people will realise what’s happening and there will be change.

    • Arthur

      Amen. I believe this is what is happening now and that real change is on its way. Already there has been massive change due to the disruption of COVID and the BlackLivesMatter protests are another sign that more people are rejecting the “status quo” and will achieve that change.

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