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We are all one…

Image of coloured crayons with the message we are all one inside a heart

I have alluded in various posts, here and earlier on my personal blog, to the two different paradigms operating on Earth. The first, which most of us operate under, is the separation paradigm, where, based on physical senses, individuals logically perceive themselves to be separate from each other.

The other is the unified paradigm, under which a few enlightened individuals operate. This is one where the connectedness of everything is clearly seen and lived from moment to moment. While few in human history (but all of nature) have truly lived in such a state of superconsciousness, more and more people are sensing this connectedness (hence the dawning of a new era).

It is a logical progression of thought that as people become more conscious of their connection with others, the more difficult it is to do things which harm others. This, I believe, is the real message behind so much of religious scriptures. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, this you do unto me” refers to the fact that we are all “God”, all one.

[Sidebar: As I’ve said openly, I no longer subscribe to the notion of a personified God but recognise the value of this worldview. I invite you to use the terms you feel most comfortable with to define the universal power that unites everything and everyone: God, the Universe, Universal Energy, Higher Intelligence, etc.]

So the new era, heralding the rule of love, becomes possible as we learn to love ourselves and see others as part of ourselves – and so literally love others as we love ourselves (or rather love others as ourselves).

Recognising we are all one forces us to change how we perceive ourselves and others - and how we interact with others.

Recognising that we are all one clearly has profound consequences. It forces us to change how we perceive ourselves and others and how we interact with others. When we can see that all our relationships reflect back to us aspects of ourselves, it becomes easier to accept different worldviews and behaviours.

Of course the hard part is to see this in the first place. People’s behaviour that is at odds with our own values is difficult to see as reflections of ourselves. But moments when we experience this tension are gifts too, as they challenge us to see things from another perspective – and to explore within to find out why something irritates, upsets or even makes us angry.

Since we only ever get angry with ourselves, we see that either we have a problem accepting how other people are or that the other person is getting angry because of a problem they have. Recognising this means you can either do something about it or let it go.

This reminds me of the Serenity Prayer: “Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. A beautiful reminder not to complain or get upset, but accept circumstances as they are and work on ourselves before trying to change others.

“But”, I hear you cry, “if we are all one, then working on ourselves means working on others!” This, of course, takes the statement too literally, for the benefit of our own ego. For while we are, indeed, all one, in the sense we are all made of the same material – condensed energy, if you will – we are all unique expressions of that universal energy (or God, if you like).

So we need to respect the uniqueness of others while recognising that we are all made of the same energy, part of the same energetic field, and are therefore all one in that sense.

As I say, this makes it easier to accept others’ differences while using those differences to find out if – or rather what – the behaviours and reactions of others is reflecting back to us, what aspects of ourselves we don’t like or are projecting. Again, challenging stuff, but as always, the most challenging issues bring the most reward.

So next time you feel “at odds” with someone – tension reflecting apparent differences – just remember that they are simply reflecting either an aspect of you which you are being challenged to work on or an aspect of themselves of which they are insecure. In all likelihood it is both, so you can both grow by recognising we are all one…


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