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Are you a heart-centred entrepreneur or leader? Would you like to be?
Or someone who wants to make a living from their passion? Or grow their business?

Are you struggling with uncertainty and lack of confidence?
Are you a sensitive person whose emotions often get the better of them?
Do you have responsibility for a team with these issues?

I can tell you I have been and had all these things and through many years of working through them, with and without help, I understand both the issues and how to deal with them to clear the way to live a happy life, regardless of present circumstances, and build the self-confidence, acceptance and esteem that allows dreams to come true through personal and organisational transformation.

As your coach, I guide you through a journey of self-discovery that will connect you to your power to transform – yourself and your team, for once you become the example, the light, for the people around you, you automatically inspire transformation in them. As I heard recently, don’t try to be inspiring just be inspired.

Be the change you want to see in the world

My approach is based on a unique blend of teachings, techniques (including my own) and experiences. As the name of this community implies, I am focussed on the heart as the portal to our higher selves. By mastering our heart, by which I mean understanding its power and influence, and learning to harness it, we gain access to powerful insights and become a magnet for the people and resources we need to achieve anything. We can also safely connect deeply with others, as well as increasing the connection with ourselves and our Emotional Intelligence, our ability to safely experience emotions.

I work with energy – the raw material of the entire universe – and intuition to help you gain clarity on what you need and want and open up new possibilities. But I also have a practical approach to problem solving which balances our need for logic – the mental body – with our non-conscious and emotional response system.

In short, my aim is to be holistic in my coaching, taking into account the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of your being to supercharge your success. And if all this sounds a little too much, rest assured, our journey will start with familiar, if challenging, dialogue.

When I say dialogue, I am not here to answer your questions or give advice. I am here to ask questions which spark your own answers, solutions and baby steps towards your goals.

Of course, the rest of this site is designed to offer some answers based on my own experience. But for true transformation, “the movement you need is on your shoulders”, as The Beatles sang. Only when solutions and action steps come from you, only when you find your intrinsic motivation – your “Why?” – will they be truly effective.

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Arthur Kendall – your coach

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$ 600 Monthly (3 payments)
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50% upfront

Pay half at the start and the other after 6 weeks
$ 810 2 instalments
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3 months upfront

Pay everything upfront
$ 1440 1 instalment
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