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About the Masterhearting Club

You may be familiar with masterminding, where a group of like-minded individuals get together (in person or online) to support each other, exchange ideas, discuss challenges and so on.

They can be executives or any other professional, but are often business owners/entrepreneurs, where people around them on a daily basis usually do not have the same priorities or outlook and so cannot understand the unique challenges they face.

Hi, I’m Arthur Kendall, founder of the Masterhearting Club. I had been wanting to set up some sort of masterminding group for some time when one day, in late 2018, I read about a new approach, which instead of focussing on solving problems using the mind, people would use the heart as the guide.

This immediately resonated with me and I decided to set up a platform which would allow people (of any background) to set up private or semi-private groups – where certain things can be shared with the wider community.

In the first instance I intend to use this online platform to organise a small beta group, with a couple of local friends plus a couple of remote members, to test this dynamic, all of whom have an entrepreneurial streak, though quite different backgrounds, which is important, to allow different perspectives on our challenges.

Since I live in a fairly rural area, albeit a provincial capital, a major motivator was to allow closer connections to be formed with people around the world who share a similar worldview on consciousness, leadership and entrepreneurship.

This will allow members to spend time with people who more closely align with our international entrepreneurial outlook and desire to make the world a better place.

At the same time, I can help others achieve the same and create their own groups within this heart-centred, conscious business community.

So this is your community. Not like you read in so many sites and marketing blurbs. I may be the originator, but this thing is bigger than me, the universe is creating it, initially through me, but as a way to bring people together that will evolve it in ways I cannot even yet conceive.

I will not set direction and insist on strategies to get to where I want to go. That is the conventional “predict and control” model, which I know is destined for the history books. My model is the “sense and response” model, and I will use it to adapt the site, and as more come on board, you will also contribute to its destiny.

Thank you for your interest in the Masterhearting Club and I hope your membership will be as transformational for you as it is for me.

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