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Masterhearting is the evolution of conventional masterminding for heart-centred entrepreneurs and leaders. Based on Teal principles, the latest stage in the development of human consciousness, our aim is to create a self-organising support network where we can bring our whole self to our work serving our evolutionary purpose to make a difference.

The Masterhearting Club is a support network in every sense. Not only does it provide a place to meet, support and be supported by people who share a similar worldview, we also provide coaching and consulting to help you and your organisations investigate and adopt Teal principles.

Networking with a twist

The Masterhearting Club combines social and professional networking, allowing us to be ourselves while discussing professional challenges that affect us personally.

Reinventing Organisations

Inspired by the work of Frédéric Laloux and others, we help you start a Teal organisation or transform your existing one, unleashing the power of evolutionary purpose.

Coaching & Mentoring

If you need personalised, one-on-one help with the challenges of starting a business and/or leading your organisation, our passion is to use our experience to help you help yourself.

Emotional Intelligence

At the heart of Masterhearting, if you’ll forgive the expression, is emotional intelligence. We bring years of investigation, experimentation and development to your growth as a person and a professional. This includes an innovative new tool for emotion management…

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Emotional Intelligence

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Heart-centred communication

I thought it appropriate to kick off the Masterhearting blog with a post on heart-centred communication, which demands we strip away the masks we put

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